Why Tipster platforms are still being Unrealistic

Tipster platforms are growing strong nowadays. People are working harder and harder developing great websites with great tools, nice appearance and new functionalities in order to keep all parties satisfied. Tipsters can publish their picks easier than ever before, followers can spot the best tipsters with the same ease and so on.

Yet in my opinion the true essence of «tipping » is being left outside. I believe that the way platforms are built from a tip importation point of view is damaging the real thing.

But first allow me to define the “real thing” or in other words what Tipping is or should be about. I feel like there is a misunderstanding concerning the real purpose of Tipping.

A Tipster’s ultimate purpose, based on which he/she will be evaluated, is the so called ROI and Gross Profit Margin (GPM)

Already I can hear readers thinking: “Tell us something new”

I had to say it because I need to make my point. If we can all understand the importance of achieving that GPM, why are Tipping platforms designed in such a way that partially DO NOT allow a serious (or at least serious wanna be) Tipster to reach this goal?

I am speaking my own thoughts, therefore I will give you my own example which shall give you my point of view concerning tipping.

My aim is to serve my clients in such a way that at the end of the day they don’t lose their money at first and then get any profit.

To cut a long story short there are 2 major factors to take into account. First thing is that you can spot winning picks or better losing picks and exclude them form the equation. Second thing is how you place your money on them.

As a tipster I am not interested in trying to find the winner and just put my clients’ stakes on a single pick in a single market.

Imagine Full time result. I am not interested in telling my clients that my pick is the home win. So let’s put your money on it today and don’t mind winning or losing cause after a series of bets my picks we will get a 70% win so you will make profit.

Tipping is not a competition of achieving high win ratio percentages in a period of time about single selections in single markets. Even if at the end of any period the win % multiplied by average odds ensures positive GMP this is not a professional approach. You never know if any client of yours has the bankroll depth to survive any losing streaks of yours.

Tipping is about being more complete than this. Tipping is about securing your clients’ stakes the best way possible and then trying to get any margin of profit available.

So for me it’s more like England » Premier League » Arsenal — Tottenham 06.11.2016. It is about managing how your total stake should be splitted in all necessary picks in the best way possible in order to serve your needs.

In the example given in the link above notice that (no matter the way producing a pick) although i have my expectations for profit betting on the draw I don’t just go all on it. I try to cover my stakes in case of home win. I like being safe. That’s my style that’s my way.

I even cover my stakes in the case of a specific away win (1-2 correct score).

So no matter how much value I believe my basic pick shall have I don’t go 100% on the pick. Remember we as Tipsters are asking clients to put their money, real money (money we don’t know how hard they got) on our selection based on our unique method?

Let’s get serious.

So let’s get back to the platforms available. All of them do not support the way I prefer to Tip. They ask me to Tip their way. If I want to tip on full time result they don’t allow me to show my clients my staking plan. They force me to choose one pick and in some cases to show how heavy should we go on this single pick.

I am sorry but this will never be my way of advising any client to invest in any soccer game or any sporting event in general.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not saying there are no great Tipsters out there, Tipsters greater than me who really performing for the benefits of their clients, nor that you should never follow any Tipster through any Tipster platform.

I am just speaking my mind to you.


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