WANTED! 30 betting app testers

Hello guys, as you probably already know my name is Martin Grozev and I am co-founder of Bettingmetrics. Bettingmetrics  is a software app  that aims to help punters manage their betting portfolios by aggregating and visualising their data.   It also represents a social hub where punters can exchange information and help each other.

We released our prototype a month ago and now we are introducing a newer much more stable version. We have fixed so many bugs that even I was surprised. I am most proud of fixing the API issue we had, which means that you can log bets much quicker with way less clicks.

What can you use Bettingmetrics for – pretty simple. It helps keep track on all of your bets in a quick and easy manner. Once you generate or import your data (please contact me for more info around imports) you can benefit from our advanced analytical tools and get to know your data in such way that will help you identify some pretty surprising insights for your betting.

We are the stage where we need more people to test our ptoduct so we can allign our vision with what the actual cusmers need. So if you wantto contibute to the development of a game changer type of product please sign up for FREE  

We are constantly improving our product so you can expect some super cool feature to be available soon.


Here at Bettingmetrics, we have a consistent data-driven lean approach to using punters’ feedback. If you have any recommendations or ideas about how to improve our betting tracker, performance dashboard, bankroll management or any of our tools, please  contact us at https://www.betgeeks.com/members/bettingmetrics/profile/. We are friendly and eager to help!

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