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If you have a specialist area of money-winning expertise then I’d be very interested in hearing from you.

Who am I?

M”‹y name is Steve Clark and I have a long and successful history stretching back to 1995 of connecting regular punters to winning professionals mainly by developing subscription-based advisory services.

Starting off as the Operations Director of what was at the time Britain’s pre-eminent racing advisory service – The Winning Line – I’ve since gone on to create and manage many extremely profitable commercial ventures due to my own extensive copywriting, marketing and logistical skills, plus access to sizeable databases of punters through key joint venture partners.

I’ve kept a low profile ”‹between mid-2012”‹ and last November”‹ preferring to act as a silent business partner to Matthew Walton, a former colleague from my days at The Winning Line. I was the director of a limited company I set-up with him and I was in charge of coming up with the overall business strategy, creating new products and services and writing all the marketing literature in the form of emails and sales-related landing pages.

Okay, so why have I published this blog post?

Well, this year I’m going back to ploughing my own furrow and launching a business called Winning Online.  The website is currently in the throes of development and can be seen at www.winningonline.co.uk.

The essence of Winning Online is to help punters boost their incomes by winning extra money from mainly horse racing and sports betting opportunities. Which is what I’ve done in various guises for over 20 years.

The big difference though is that I want the advisory services, publications, software, or any other type of product or service developed, to have their edge built around technology. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and advanced statistical strategies are going to be the focus.

In fact, I’m actually keen to develop and sell products where human tipsters are either completely removed, or significantly side-lined, because the technology will be doing most of the work.

My reasons for this are because flesh and blood tipsters can be too prone to their emotions when they know paying subscribers are following their bets. I’ve witnessed it first-hand many times since 1995, even after experts have passed every aspect of my lengthy behind-the-scenes due diligence process before being recruited.

The truth is…

Professional gamblers winning money for themselves based on their specialist, in-depth knowledge is a lot different from advising their bets to others. This is where the emotional cracks can start to appear.

I’ve seen some tipsters panic, get rattled and go on tilt when they’ve advised a run of consecutive losers. They’ve lost their focus and discipline and under or over-staked bets. I even knew one very well-known professional who had to take a complete break from tipping bets because he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Yes, you’d expect them all to act like stone cold unemotional robots churning out the right bets at the right odds, but in my experience, this rarely happens.

In fact, in 20+ years of being involved with tipsters, only a minority have successfully transferred their money-making abilities from privately betting to publicly sharing their bets as part of a tipster operation, and what’s more, kept their profits flowing over the long-term.

An example of the direction Winning Online is taking can be seen in the recent deal I’ve done with Theo Koumis, the brains behind Quantalyst – one of Britain’s foremost risk analytics and  sports data intelligence consultancies that are behind ground breaking projects such as the new SIS in-running horse racing pricing algorithm showcased at ICE in London a couple of weeks ago.

Winning Online will be selling a Machine Learning horse racing algorithm created and developed by Quantalyst from this spring. And if you, or anyone you know, is interested in registering for a ‘Special Introductory Free Trial’ then go to www.winningonline.co.uk/the-winning-machine.

Where might you fit in?

Well, if you have an in-depth knowledge of a particular sport which you actually make money from, and you also use quantitative skills combined with technology, then I’d certainly like to hear from you.

In essence, I’m looking to recruit or partner with betting experts who have mathematical, IT and betting know-how who can help me develop top quality products/services that Winning Online can offer to regular punters.  ”‹

As I said at the start, i”‹t doesn’t matter”‹ whether your niche area of expertise is football, golf, horse racing, tennis or any other sport”‹ ”‹because there is always the possibility to ”‹potentially ”‹create you a significant additional income.

So if you’re interested in getting in touch and discussing this further, please send me an email to steve@winningonline.co.uk, PM me on SGN, or even call me on 01298 402084 (office) / 07917 356942 (mobile).

Take care, all the very best and I look forward to hearing from you.


Steve Clark
Founder, Winning Online


Steve Clark  can be followed  or contacted  at https://www.betgeeks.com/members/steve-winning-online/profile/

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