This critical flaw haunts betting tipsters

I’ve been at the very heart of the tipster industry for over 20 years discovering, recruiting and managing horse racing and sports betting tipsters.

And do you know their critical flaw?

They’re human.

Is that such a problem?

Yes, it is actually.

Because as you and I both know, to be human is to be emotional (to varying degrees).

And you’d be shocked by how many tipsters are prone to letting their emotions run wild.

In fact, what can really play havoc with them is the build-up of stress and pressure when they know paying subscribers are following their bets. It can mean they fall to pieces.

I’ve witnessed this first-hand many times since 1995, even after tipsters have passed every aspect of my lengthy behind-the-scenes due diligence process.

The truth is…

And this might surprise you…

Professional gamblers and sports betting experts winning money for themselves based on their specialist, in-depth knowledge is totally different from advising their bets to others. This is where the emotional cracks can definitely start to appear.

It’s a bit like knowing your lines for a play and then freezing when you’re thrown in front of a live audience.

When the stage lights have been switched on and a horse racing or sports betting advisory service I’ve been involved with has gone live and started to recruit members, I’ve seen tipsters panic and get rattled when results have been volatile…

Or they’ve felt incredibly guilty after a run of consecutive losers.

They’ve lost their focus and discipline and under or over-staked bets, or advised bets they wouldn’t necessarily have placed themselves because they thought members wanted action.

I even knew one very well-known professional who had to take a complete break from tipping bets because he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That’s obviously a really bad situation for someone to get themselves in but it just shows you the stress tipsters can put themselves under to deliver profitable bets.

Stress and pressure are emotional killers in any walk of life, but especially so in the results-driven betting world.

Yes, you’d expect all tipsters to act like stone cold unemotional robots churning out the right bets at the right odds, but in my experience, this rarely happens.

Actually, having been around tipsters since 1995, only a minority have successfully transferred their money-making abilities from privately betting to publicly sharing their bets as part of a tipster operation…

And more importantly…

Kept their profits flowing over the long-term.

Now don’t me get wrong…

I’m not saying in this blog post that ALL human betting tipsters are emotional wrecks so don’t touch any of them with a bargepole. That would be nonsense.

My key point is that as someone with an insider’s perspective of coming across hundreds of them over the years, the extent to which they suffer from their emotions just like regular punters shouldn’t be underestimated.

And when members who don’t necessarily understand the maths of professional betting demand winners…

Which in their eyes is why they’re handing over their hard-earned money in subscriptions…

The pressure to deliver the goods (and the profits) can become crippling for tipsters.

It can lead to tipsters changing their proven strategies, second guessing their core beliefs and generally behaving too emotionally and failing to live up to expectations.

This is why I’ve been closely monitoring key trends within technology, computing and betting over the last couple of years…

And I’ve come to the conclusion that the optimum way for you to increase your income from betting is to embrace sophisticated data intelligence strategies, advanced statistical techniques and take advantage of powerful technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Take care and all the very best.

Steve Clark


Steve Clark is the founder of Winning Online an information publisher with a speciality in algorithmic betting. Steve can be followed  or contacted  at

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