Quantalyst to develop ground breaking in-running gambling algorithm for SIS

SIS is a leading supplier of products and services to the online and retail betting markets, creating innovative and reliable solutions  for more than a quarter of century.

SIS delivers a broad range of products and services across a range of sports, including pricing services for several high street  bookmakers,  with a focus on horse racing, greyhounds and football.

SIS have engaged Quantalyst  to develop them an in-running  horse racing algorithm based on their new GPS tracking technology. This will allow SIS to provide  live horse racing prices to bookmakers during the race.

SIS’s new GPS transmitter technology comprises of  a low-cost transmitter the size of a smart phone which is inserted into the saddle cloth and carried on the horse. This streams the horses  positional data to the SIS server which converts it into race analytics such as  speed, acceleration and distance travelled.   Quantalyst will then model the race analytics using advanced statistical techniques to produce  an algorithm that will predict  each runners chances of winning at each second of the race. These predictions will then be converted into odds and streamed in real time to SIS’s  clients.

Theo Koumis from Quantalyst  said, “We look forward to working with SIS on a project that  is set to  transform horse racing as we know it.”

Theo Koumis can be contacted at https://www.betgeeks.com/members/theo/

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