Is the gambling industry running out of M&A targets?

Over the past few years, the global gambling industry has been experiencing a wave of mergers and acquisitions in both operators and suppliers side, for every reason such as achieving strategic objectives, regulatory clinches, consolidating intensely competitive markets, monetizing assets, taking advantage of low valuations, geographic expansions and technology convergence. According to Gambling Research, the global gambling industry recorded about 1,240 deals during 2011-2015, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19%. About 65% of transactions took place in the past two years, with deal values of US$57,970.86 million in 2014 and US$45,574.42 million in 2015 respectively.

As the macro-economic uncertainties persist, including declining oil prices, a weak Chinese economy and challenging Japanese and continental European markets, the overall market trend has been offset by the increasing strength of the US and UK markets, which witnessed most of the M&A transactions. Due to a strong buyer demand, the deal values too maintained an upward trend. Industry experts are optimistic about the market and expect the momentum to continue with deal activities remaining strong during the next two years. But not as smoothly as one might expect, as we have seen with the recent fall out on the William Hill with 888/Rank Group merger talks.

For a better insight into the gambling industry’s M&A activity over the past 5 years check out our Gambling Industry M&A Report 2011-2015.

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