Can quality win vs aggressive marketing?

It is difficult task to navigate online in search for genuine tipster services for sportsbetting. If you make a simple Google search for “sports betting tips” you will get more than a million hits within a third of a second. At this point you might even be wondering if it’s worth your time to start looking at the top hits on your Google search. You can be sure that the top results are very eager to get you onboard as they have paid a fortune to be on the first page of your search.

It is really a jungle and if you are not careful, you might end up with a membership without any value. Many results and prices have had a “make over” to seem more appealling to new customers. This is exactly the reason to choose a tipster service with verified prices and results to ensure “what you see, is what you get”.

When dkbet had to find the right partner for our tipster service I needed to be sure that everything was automated and not possible to change. The importance of the keyword “trust” is not to be underrated and I quickly found the perfect match for dkbet with Tipstrr.

Not only is the platform very simple to use it also gives potential customers a 100% transparent view of what to expect. When you select the tips in the system the odds will automatically be updated in realtime from the bookmakers and deliver the exact prices for the outcome. After the result has been confirmed the system will also take care of entering the result and updating the stats for the tipster. This is why the customers can be 100% sure that all stats on the site are genuine and proofed.

Since dkbet starting using Tipstrr in March for our tipster service, we have had great results and very positive feedback from our customers (stats from 09/06/2016):

122 Tips Issued

57% Hit Rate

321,1 Profit

26,84% ROI

dkbet is ranked No.#1 on the football leaderboard for the last 90 days and we aim to stay there as long as possible. But is it possible to attract customers to a tipster service without spending all income on marketing? I don’t have the answer but hopefully I can give you the answer at the end of the year, when the homepage and the tipster service have been active for 9 months.

I might be old fashioned and a bit romantic when I believe that quality and hard work will be enough to succeed. No matter what the answer will be – I will keep posting winning picks for the members and keeping them happy. And this is exactly the what they pay for – nothing more, nothing less!

Thomas Vandsted, Copenhagen 9th June 2016


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