Bettingmetrics introduces betting history import from Betfair Exchange

Hello sport betting enthusiasts!

The custom of April Fool’s day jokes meant we had to postpone our scheduled communication. Nevertheless, it did not prevent us from dedicating more effort and persistence in improving your experience. We have a consistent data-driven lean approach to using your feedback. A lot of you had recommendations and ideas about how to improve our services, and as a result of that we are happy to announce that we have taken Bettingmetrics to the next level.

Improved betting tracker

We have redesigned the track section based on the feedback we received from our members by adding a new tagging system. A lot of you are placing lay bets on betting exchanges and live bets (also known as in-play bets) and the new tagging system helps you record exactly those bet types. What does that mean for you? It will help you to quickly identify whether you make more money on back or lay bets, pre-game or live, so you can adjust your staking plans accordingly.

Furthermore, we worked on the design of the bankroll section. Once you add your bookies and betting exchanges, you are able to easily set up the commission that they are charging you. Bankroll management will help you establish a long-term profitable betting strategy. Always keep in mind that money management is the key to success.

Import your betting history

There are even more great benefits for you. Imagine how cool it would be if you could import your betting history and jump to analysis with one click. Well, stop imagining and check out our new import feature. It allows you to import your betting history from Betfair exchange.

Bettingmetrics introduces betting history import from Betfair Exchange

Bettingmetrics supports both the .xls file you can download from your Betfair exchange betting history and the one you can request from Betfair support. In case you do not know how to export or import your betting history please watch the following video. By having the ability to import your data you can benefit from:

  • Less day to day tracking activities
  • Reduce human errors while logging a bet
  • Spend more time analysing your results and increasing your profits

Just to kindly remind you that if you have not signed up already you can do that for free here  


Here at Bettingmetrics, we have a consistent data-driven lean approach to using punters’ feedback. If you have any recommendations or ideas about how to improve our betting tracker, performance dashboard, bankroll management or any of our tools, please  contact us at We are friendly and eager to help!

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