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    My name is Chris Wigg, owner of horse racing and sports betting website which was established in 2005.
    I am planning a Tipster Services discount scheme for my website visitors.
    The idea is that for a small fee a subscriber gains access to a number of approved Tipster Services at a discount – typically 10% – 15%.
    I am in the process of approaching Tipster Services that may wish to participate in the scheme.
    Participating Tipster Services would offer a discount to subscribers that had joined my scheme.
    The advantage to them would be an increase in subscribers to their services.
    This is still in the early planning stages so if you are interested and have any suggestions I look forward to hearing from you.
    I am in the process of creating a webpage that will detail the Services that are involved in the scheme.
    I am asking each participant to provide a brief resume of their service together with a link which will direct visitors to the discount offer once they have joined the discount scheme.
    I would be happy to take on board any suggestions or advice you wish to offer on this project.
    Tipster Services currently on board include:
    BF Bot Manager, Betfan, Betting School,
    Chris Wigg